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We create delicious memories.

Every creation is hand made and we only use the very best organic ingredients when baking. We approach each cake that we make with complete enthusiasm, creativity and always enjoy a good challenge. Cakes are our passion, and we always go the extra mile to ensure that each custom cake that is ordered by you – will be met with complete care and delight.


My Happy Clients!

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Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams
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Ryan Fernando
Ryan Fernando
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These homemade cakes are to die for 😍
Geethi Randeniya
Geethi Randeniya
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Tharushi Heshani Gunawardana
Tharushi Heshani Gunawardana
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I love their cakes and cupcakes and jars! Absolutely love it all!

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Birthday Cakes

We always enjoy designing and creating birthday cakes for our clients. At Glen Waverley Cake Co. we strive to create the most amazing birthday cakes in Glen Waverley, which has made us popular within the area. We design custom birthday cakes for all ages – so whether its for kids, or its 21st or 60th birthday, we can cater for any birthday celebration.

All of our cakes are designed right down to the perfect detail for what you require. We can replicate styles, themes and all sorts of characters. We guarantee that all our cakes are freshly made, delicious and that we’ll always blow your guests away!

Custom Cakes

Our team are inspired to create only the most delicious, and creative Birthday Cake for you and your loved ones. So no matter the theme, and flavour of your choosing – we can do it. We’ll make sure to bake the most perfect cake that tastes amazing for your guests, and ensure to leave some lasting memories from your event. We can expertly design all kinds of wonderful creations, so speak to our team on how we can design your next birthday cake.

custom jack daniels chocolate cake
raspberry cupcake


At Glen Waverley Cake Co. we focus on creating the most delicious and beautiful cupcakes for any type of event – such as for weddings, christenings, baby showers, corporate events, birthdays and more! Simply let us know your design requirements and we’ll provide the most beautifully designed cupcakes that all your guests will truly love.

We ensure to create only the most perfect cupcakes, in many different varieties that you desire. We can recreate any flavour, such as chocolate, white chocolate, salted caramel, vanilla and more. Our toppings can be frosted with any topping that you would like, such as butter cream or chocolate ganache, and many other delicious flavours.

We can design any type of cupcake, so be sure to let us know your design requirements!

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Custom Cakes Glen Waverley

We’re a true believer that the most delicious and appealing cakes are defined by four main factors:

  1. High quality ingredients
  2. Texture
  3. Flavour
  4. Design

At the Glen Waverley Cake Co. we thrive to create only the most beautiful and delicious cakes for our customers. We always strive to go beyond our client’s expectations, to deliver a truly personalised experience.

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Our main goal is to provide a delightful and delicious experience for our customers. We create the most exquisite cakes, all inspired from all kind of difference influences, such as art, music, movies, sport and fashion. Whatever your inspiration is, we recreate it into a delicious experience. Every cake we bake, starts from just an idea from somewhere. After that, we bring it to life.

- Hashi, The Glen Waverley Cake Co.

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